Crosstalk bios

Pascal Contet

Pascal Contet is known in France and Europe for his performances of the accordion repertoire (Berio, Cavanna, Drouet, Fedele, Fénelon , Globokar, Monnet, Rebotier...), for his improvisations and for his numerous collaborations with contemporary dance companies (Odile Duboc, Compagnie Fattoumi-Lamoureux, Susan Buirge, Loïc Touzé, Jin Xing). He collaborates with contemporary music ensembles such as 2e2m, Ars Nova, TM+, l’Ensemble Modern de Francfort ou Accroche-Note. Striking and non-conventional meetings with the likes of Yvette Horner in duo, Guesh Patti, the choreographer Jin Xing, ex-soldier of the Chinese Popular Army, the celliste Ophélie Gaillard, en improvisations avec Joëlle Léandre, Andy Emler, Bruno Chevillon, François Corneloup ou en électronique avec Rom. Varied activities such as improvising to a silent film (Murnau's Aurore ou Tokyo de Ozu's The Kids), being wrapped in wires for electroacoustic work in one of the studios of Ircam in Paris, concerts in Europe, Japan or China, artistic direction for his festival "Mon bel accordéon" hosted by the Theatre 71 in Malakoff. Some 15 compact disc recordings, several written works (10 years with the Accordion, definition of the accordeon for the Larousse Musical), some pieces of music (Entrevue Belfort, Traits d’Union d’Emmanuelle delle Piane for France 3 and Television Suisse Romande, Trio 03 for Odile Duboc) and the conception of various multiform performances : Electrosolo, Lumières d’Accordéon, Clair-Obscur, Pique-Nique Bavard, Vous Avez 5 minutes pour 10 cabines ?

Tom Mays

Composer and teacher especially interested in instrumental performance of real-time computer systems for both written and improvised music, as well as in interaction between music and video. B.A. degree in composition and electroacoustics from San José State University in California, his works have been commissioned by various studios and organisations such as La Muse en Circuit, Le Cirm, Césaré, La Grande Fabrique, le G.E.P.S and Radio France. He writes for instrument and electronics, tape, installations, short films, radio, dance and theater – in Europe and in the U.S. He spent several years at IRCAM realizing computer environments for composers such as Lévinas, Fénelon, Francesconi, Fedele, Naón, Matalon, Portal, et Aperghis. He is currently teaching composition and music technology at the Superior National Conservatory of Music in Paris.

Jean-François Piette

...percussionist and composer. After earning his Honorable Mention Diploma (Premier Prix) from the Conservatory of Music, the French Culture Ministry awarded him a grant to study the repertory of music theatre and composition with the Trio le Cercle (J.P. Drouet, G. Sylvestre, W. Coquillât), going on to work with theatre and dance. He then formed the trio The Abdomen Musical with which he participated in numerous pieces of new music in various festivals in France and abroad. In his writing, he is interested in the mixture of musical and non-musical elements, and as a percussionist and improvisor he is interested in real-time sound transformation systems.

Xavier Rosselle

Xavier ROSSELLE has participated in numerous creations as instrumentalist, improvisor or composer, in France and abroad. After 3 years with the Saxophone Quartet of Versailles and the Désaxés, he founded his own performance group, Musique Création Diffusion to create musical performances. He works regularly with composers of contemporary music (recently Bernard Cavanna). His interest in varied forms of artistic expression bring him to work with musicians of diverse backgrounds (recent performances with X. GAGNEPAIN, V. COURTOIS et L. SCLAVIS), as well as with theater directors, puppeteers and dancers (most recenty, creation of "la confidence des oiseaux", Company LE GUETTEUR, performance for 4 dancers and 40 birds). In parallel with his eclectic career as a musician, he is also a teacher (with a C.A. diploma) and is professor of saxophone at the National Regional Conservatory of Reims. He also gives regular masterclasses and workshops in his specialties of contemporary performance techniques and new technologies.